Reservation Policy

Reservation Deadline

1. All event flyers will have a stated deadline for reservations.



1. Cancellations can be made on or before the reservation deadline without penalty.

2. If cancellations are made after the reservations deadline, the member will be responsible for paying for their meal or for finding a member substitute to take their place. Invoices will be sent out by the Treasurer each month to late cancellations and no shows.


Cost of Events

1. Luncheons are $20.

2. The cost of attending other events will be stated per event.



1. Payment may be collected at the door or prepaid on the website or through our Square Market.

2. Some events may require prepayment in order to attend. The event information will clearly state whether prepayment is required.

3. If a member or non­member has been sent an invoice for a late cancellation or no show, that individual will not be permitted to attend FRSC events until the invoice has been paid.


Guest Reservations

1. When a member makes a reservation for a non­member guest, and the guest is a no-show or cancels after the deadline, that member is responsible for the payment of the guest’s meal.

2. Non­members may attend a luncheon one time as a guest. Non­members will be required to join FRSC as a member before attending a second luncheon.


Attendance of Children

It is recommended that parents of children 6 months and older utilize childcare, unless otherwise specified.  

To register with CYS in order to use hourly care options at Fort Riley:  You may qualify for respite care through ASYMCA:


Inclement Weather

1. Luncheon cancellation due to inclement weather will be posted on the website and Facebook page/group.

2. For non­-luncheon events, members will be notified of cancellation or rescheduling as soon as possible and of the corresponding refund policy for received prepayment.  Cancellation will be posted on the website and on our Facebook page/group on the morning of the event (or before). Emails will be sent when possible. Refunds may be requested by those who have prepaid or the payment will be applied to a future luncheon.


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